The Sport and Recreation Centre in Suwałki operates on the basis of the Town Council Resolution No. XXI/207/99 of 22 December 1999 on the reorganization of the Sport and Recreation Centre in Suwałki and amendments in financial management and the given Statute as set out in the Annex to the Town Council Resolution No. XL/432/2013 of 25 September 2013 and the Organisational Regulations established by the Ordinance No 56/2013 of the Director of the Sport and Recreation Centre in Suwałki of 5 November 2013 approved by the Decree No 1017/2013 of the President of the Suwałki Town of 26 November 2013.

The Sport and Recreation Centre in Suwałki offers a broad range of activities. The most important is of course promoting physical culture and sport among citizens of our town as well as programming and implementation of services related to sport and mass physical culture (including for people with disabilities). In addition to the sporting events organised on a large scale, we also engage in service activities: transport services, accommodation services (The Guest House Wigry, The Centre inStaryFolwark),sports facilities rentals (football stadium,athletics stadium,tennis courts,sports hall,swimming pool,gym),sports and tourist equipment rentals.

We attach particularly great importance to the promotion of physical cultureand sport among the youth. Sport sections –boxingsailing (water and ice sailing) and model-making (aeromodelling) conducted by us are very successful. Almost one hundred of young people is participating in activities conducted by most-experienced and awarded trainers and coaches. Beyond the passion, useful leisure time spending and normal psychophysical development contestants are entering a world of competitive sports. This is evidenced primarily by their performance results. Our players are leading characters not only in the Championship of Poland, but they achieve equally high results in the World Championship and the European Championship.

Since 2011 until today the Director of Sport and Recreation Centre in Suwalki is Waldemar Borysewicz.

During the forty years of its activity, the Centre was managed by the five directors: Lech Nowikowski (1975-1991), Jarosław Bolanowski(1991-2003), Zdzisław Siemaszko (2003-2005), Zbigniew Wisiecki (2005-2011), Waldemar Borysewicz (2011 – up to the present).

Contact details:

Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji w Suwałkach
ul.Wojska Polskiego 2
16-400 Suwałki
Tel.: (87) 566-32-82
Fax: (87) 563-18-56



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